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my life is so crazy. It really is. I've been meeting some real cool people lately. I'm all down for that. But in general, my life is an never ending roller coaster. But thats part of life, and its something that I have to deal with. Growing up is not fun & easy. I advice all the kids born in the 90's to love being a kid...for now..

Lets see.. I"ve been unemployed for a month now. Its annoying, its fustrasting, its everything in the book. I'm trying to enroll in a 4 year college now, and the school is just making it so hard for me by not finding my transcript;so there for, i had to go to my former school and pay for another transcript to be sent to the school. Its a good thing that I called too. I'm still undecided as to what I want to major in, even though I already picked a major I want to study. Me, being the picky one and I change my mind so quickly I might just end up changing majors once I start.

November 2 is election day..great. I'm voting...But if I hear or see commercials with celebrities (i.e. P.diddy), chanting the slogan "vote or die" one more time, I'm going to go crazy. And he has the nerve to have t-shirts for sale...*sigh*. what is this world coming to?... Thats all for now.

current music: Steel Pulse- No more weapons


I'm sitting here watching the Presidental Debate, and its just pissing me off. Bush is really pissing me off. I swear, he needs to get out of office. Even though I'm not too fond of Kerry, I rather have Kerry than Bush. Bush is just fucking things up, and he'll continue to corrupt this country; if he is here as our President for another 4 years... I have more to write,but blogger is messing up on me.. peace.


i'm so sick of of people telling me that i need to something with my hair. If people would just leave me alone...Let me be,please. I don't tell you how to do my hair,then please, why are you telling me how to do my hair. Giving me suggestions and everything.. and on that note,my hair is growing is lovely. Earlier this week; i twisted my hair for the night and i wore a twist0ut the next day and it came out looking really cute...

i'm thinking about getting another job, this job is just not my thing anymore. Half of the people i work i cannot stand, my boss has an attitude problem,and she needs to learn how to speak to people. I just don't know how she got that position. Plus they keep messing up my check & i always have to go them to make them fix it. so this upcoming tuesday i'm going to my school so they can fix up my resume and send it to a few companies..wish me luck.. While working , i've been looking up some colleges. I've decided to stay local to get my B.S. It justs fustrasted,because i feel like i'm in highschool all over again.

I can't believe its 3 years already....


I' m getting bad with this...I promise you all that I would continue to write in this...or rather frequently write in this. But I just have not found the time to actually sit down & type out all what I want to say, its like I've become lazy or something, I just feel this writing thing is not me anymore. Honestly, I really do not know,I'm so confused. Not sure if I mentioned it in my last entry,but I'm thinking about going back to school for Computer Science and not Journalism,No,actually I want to do both. I WANT TOO,but..I don't know-something is holding me back,perhaps I'm scared. I know I shouldn't let being scared, stop me from getting my degrees,I know thats a silly and a lame excuse..Time will tell...I'll figure out something.

I got a new job. Yep, I'm now a Data Entry Clerk doing Medical Billing. The job easy as hell; and plus, I'm most def. getting more experience, then when I was working at the DayCare...

Like, I was telling one of my friends; things happen for a reason. People come and go into your life for a reason. It might be a good experience, and/or it might be a bad experience, and you learn from all of that...hopefully...


I'll be back..


peace you all,

this month has flowed by..or well its flying by..but I have good news. I graduated from my 2 year college the other day, and I now have my Associates Degree in Office Administrative Business Degree, and I got a job. Yep...I'm a teacher's assitant at a daycare. I started last wednesday, and its a pretty fun job. The kids are very talkative/smart,etc, everything in the book, but its worth it.

Lastnight I went out to see Farenheit 911, and its a good movie, especially if you like documentaries, and you want to get a feel as to what Bush is really like, and why he made certain plans, or why he did NOT do certain things.. it will just piss you off, if you are anti-bush. I cannot wait until November, because Bush needs to be voted out. He is a disgrace, and Michael Moore is a genius....


I've been lazy/depressed/sad, everything in the book, lately.. I just do not feel the need to update this thing anymore. But, I will continue to do this,so I can pratice on my writing.

What's new with me..Nothing much really. I'm still on the job hunt, it really sucks. I'm thinking about making a move out of New York. I Have no money, no job, but yet I want to make a move out of here, seriously. I feel like New York has nothing to offer me now...yet

I will be done with school, in about 2 weeks. I can't wait. But then once school is done and over with, I have to worry about what's next and I do not know what that is, since I have no job, I've been Looking but I'm not getting no call backs. I want to take some summer courses for the summer- that is not going to go now, for numerous reasons, 1) they need my transcript from my college, which I don't think, I would be able to give it to them on time, since I won't be out of school by the time, its time to register for the classes. 2)They do not have 1 particular class, that I want. And this is webdesign. So I thought about taking courses in: African American Studies, Women Studies,Black History, and any other classes that seem interesting, but #1 is really the problem that I have..

Oh & recently, I finally did the Big chop..so I've been wearing headwraps since. I hated it when I Got it done, but I've been wearing hats and living in headwraps, I'm going to get more headwraps; when I get the chance.

Ok. I guess I will end it here.


I did not delete this blogger, but somehow, my old layout was not showing up again, so I had to change it. I might change it again in the future though... but it looks like, i might not be able to add the comment section again.so that sucks. well, you all enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.